A New Day for Vallco
Presenting a new vision for Vallco: The Hills at Vallco. Informed by community feedback and consistent with Cupertino’s General Plan, The Hills at Vallco will revitalize the Vallco Shopping Mall into a vibrant, sustainable, walkable and safe new neighborhood with a mix of retail, dining, entertainment, recreation, offices, housing, open space and public amenities.

The Hills at Vallco represents not just a new mixed-use town center for our community, but also an integrated 30-acre community park and nature preserve for all Cupertino residents to enjoy.

The Social Heart of Cupertino
With a mix of retail, entertainment, employment, housing, open space and community amenities, The Hills at Vallco will be the heart of an emerging downtown for Cupertino.

Get Outside, Above It All
The innovative foothills design provides an unprecedented 30 acres of recreational resources for the community — 3.8 miles of walking and jogging trails, meadows, vineyards, orchards and organic gardens, children’s play areas and a refuge for native species of plants and birds. The shape of the rolling hills, preservation of existing trees, and planting of new ones will provide a privacy buffer to the adjacent residential neighborhoods.

Sustainable and Green
The Hills at Vallco is environmentally-conceived and will target LEED Platinum certification, use recycled water for irrigation, heating, and cooling, and recapture rainwater to reduce water consumption. The sustainable park will feature native, drought-tolerant and climate-responsive landscaping that thrives on little to no water. The green roof, natural ventilation and smart technology will ensure energy efficiency, keeping buildings and surroundings, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Wellness and Healthy Lifestyles
Get up, get out, and get active. We envision a neighborhood that elevates the quality of community life, wellness and healthy lifestyles through a design of interlaced, walkable, pedestrian and bike-friendly streets, along with miles of new trails and 30 acres of park and open space amenities.

Connecting Community
The Hills at Vallco delivers a vibrant, family-friendly and connected community for Cupertino residents that will feature farmers markets, movie nights, cultural and community events and outdoor performances.

Community Park and Nature preserve
This innovative green roof includes a beautiful trail network for jogging and walking, vineyards, orchards and organic gardens, an amphitheater, children’s play areas and a refuge for native species of plants and birds. At 3.8 miles of accessible trails, The Hills at Vallco rooftop trail network is a walker’s paradise, offering more trails than Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve.

Focused on Community

You asked. We listened. Thanks to the input and feedback from thousands of Cupertino residents, The Hills at Vallco has already pledged to preserve, protect and improve our community in the following ways:

  • A vibrant pedestrian and community environment with two thoughtfully designed and interconnected Town Squares
  • A 30-acre Community Park and Nature Preserve, which would be the largest park in Cupertino, including 3.8 miles of trails, bike paths, children’s play areas, meadows, organic gardens and vineyards
  • $40 million in contributions to the local schools, including:
    • For K-8 students, a new 700 student elementary school, replacement of modular classrooms with permanent classrooms, expanded school recreation fields and a $1 million endowment for 8th Grade Yosemite Science Program
    • For high school students, a new 10,000 square foot Innovation Center within The Hills at Vallco. This flexible, mixed-use space will serve as an incubator space for students throughout the district and will spawn creative endeavors including student-led businesses and serve as a hub for the District’s work-based learning initiatives and a place where students can build projects, display art, perform and host robotics competitions
  • Family-oriented entertainment, including keeping AMC theater, bowling, ice skating, fitness and banquet facility uses
  • A mix of new restaurants, stores and markets featuring local and organic food
  • Lead the effort to widen and rebuild the Wolfe Road/I-280 interchange and bridge, make intersection improvements, improve traffic signal timing, locate a transit center onsite and fund a free community shuttle for Cupertino residents
  • Protection of existing healthy trees and planting hundreds of new trees and native and drought-tolerant flora

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